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How to Set up WP Auto Ranker Pro plugin

0 3 months ago

WP Auto Ranker will Rank Your Site AUTOMATICALLY.

  • Fully Automated: You can start ranking your site higher on Google from the moment you install the plugin.
  • 100% Original Content: You never have to create ANY original content again!
  • Easy To Use, Newbie Friendly: You can have the plugin working within minutes thanks to our super simple install.
  •  Works In ANY Niche: You get access to our library of thousands of content sources for you to use.
  • Get Content Your Visitors Will Love: Your fully automated content will be totally human readable and high quality!
  •  Unique “Image Spinning” Technology Included: You get unique IMAGES for your site content too!
  • Unlimited License Available: You could have dozens of sites, producing their own content and ranking themselves on FULL AUTOPILOT.

In order to activate this WordPress plug-in, there are five rudimentary steps that you need to go through as listed below:

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin.

WP Auto Ranker Review

Step 2: Choose content sources from their massive content library

WP Auto Ranker Review

Step 3: Select your chosen settings for displaying your content

WP Auto Ranker Review

Step 4: Optionally choose to have “spun images” too

WP Auto Ranker Review

Step 5: Sit back and watch your automated content appear and see your google ranking shoot up as a result!

WP Auto Ranker Review

WP Auto Ranker Review

WP Auto Ranker Review


Boost Your Google Ranking And JUMP START Your TRAFFIC Overnight!


WP Auto Ranker Review

WP Auto Ranker Review

WP Auto Ranker Review

SOURCE: tikareview

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  1. Oyeniyi Michael

    You didn’t explain how to add the feed url as I can’t find a place to put it ooo.. Please help

  2. Oyeniyi Michael

    Oh sorry bro.. I got it already

  3. isaac chuks

    Pls ,how do I access the settings area?

  4. CamonTech

    Pls ,how did u find it?

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