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Get free USA Number For WhatsApp

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Get free USA Number For WhatsApp

  • Adelola Daniel

    1. Go to and download the app.

    2. Start the App and hide root if you have. (if the app does not support your country then use HolaVPN from PlayStore and start with USA proxy.)

    3. Click sign up, and use email.

    4. Goto and copy the email.

    5. Paste E-Mail in Talkatone, and go back to your browser and refresh the page, after that enter code in Talkatone.

    6. Goto the right top “…” and click settings, now you see your number.

    7. Start WhatsApp (no mod!), and enter number, click sms or call, but sms 100% works.

    8. Enter code and you have your code 🙂

    Sometimes the app as server errors, wait little bit.
    After that you have the number, but after every number uninstall talkatone.
    (clearing cache, clear data etc..)

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