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Need a Forum? See How To Build A Forum Website Like Nairaland using WordPress in 2minute

0 5 months ago
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Finally, I found the step required to Build A Forum Website Like Nairaland using WordPress

Good news! For those of you, who desired Nairaland theme on their website, the guide below I will be giving you the link to Download theme for Free.

Let’s Get started:

What Is A forum?

An online forum is a website that basically brings people with similar interest together online in other to converse and connects with each other. People have to usually register before they can join in the conversation. Conversations are usually called threads. A topic of discussion or question can be asked by anyone who is a member of the forum. Replies are made.

Creating an online forum have been a problem to some Newbie so I decided to explain the
procedures on how to start an online forum like forum using WordPress.

Nairaland can be built on a WordPress platform. I did some research concerning this because a thread was posted requesting Nairaland theme and on which platform it can run, but no specific answer was given.

Even on Nairaland official website, Majority have requested to know How To Create A Forum Website Like Nairaland 

Using WordPress to create a website gives you dominion over everything you wish to have. As a 7years WordPress expert, I haven’t seen a website that can never be built on WordPress. With WordPress, we can design almost any type of website you want. So many website designers have been searching for how to create a website like Nairaland. Stop the search today with this helpful article.

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Examples of the site you can create with WordPress:

  • Blog
  • Company website
  • Church website
  • Tracking website
  • Affiliate website
  • News Income Program website (NNUNewsPay, Wakanda etc)
  • Membership website or forum website
  • E-commerce website (Jumia/Konga type)
  • Etc

I cannot mention all because it is uncountable.

Advantage of using WordPress to Create a website

  • Ease of Use. …
  • Manage Your Website from Any Computer. …
  • No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required. …
  • Search Engines Love WordPress Sites. …
  • You Have Control of Your Site. …
  • The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable. …
  • A Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go. …
  • Extend the Functionality of Your Site with Plugins.

Isn’t that AMAZING!

IF WordPress allows you to do all this, then you can Build A Forum Website Like Nairaland using WordPress.

Are you wondering about how to build a website like Nairaland with WordPress?

If that is your case, then let me welcome you to the right place to know more about it.

I am welcoming you here because I know you will find my article useful and valuable.

So today I will be showing you how to build a website that will look exactly as Nairaland. We are not using the Nairaland PHP script, we’ll be using WordPress to create it. So now that you want to create a website like Nairaland with WordPress in this 2019. I will teach you how to.

KNOW THIS: Nairaland itself wasn’t created with WordPress. The developer created it with pure PHP Script. But we can edit WordPress and get the exact Nairaland design.

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A WordPress theme is already modified to have a Nairaland design, which I have provide you the download link in the eBook below.

But have this in mind some Web designer will not tell you this but I will tell you. This are the characteristics you need to be successful in creating a forum like Nairaland.

  • Mobile Compatibility. …
  • Accessible to All Users. …
  • Well Planned Information Architecture. …
  • Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan. …
  • Fast Load Times. …
  • Browser Consistency. …
  • Effective Navigation. …
  • Good Error Handling.

If you need someone to Create such a website for you, instead of going through the stress. Message me on WhatsApp 09079292334. I will design such a website within 3 days using WordPress. I can also create a website like and other income program website.

NOTE: I can give you any design type you want. Just WhatsApp me and tell me the design you want, or send me the link of any income website you want.

In this eBook, I have packaged in it:


This ebook will guide you and provide you the tools need for this. Now let’s Get started

Download button available for members only! Register Here!

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